A Strategic Effort to Build a
Future for East Clevelanders

We are harnessing our entrepreneurial talents and community assets to launch community relevant enterprises that will serve as a hub to build wealth in favor of a just and sustainable micro economy. Loiter’s Community Wealth Hub will also provide education and services that promote financial wellness and stability to low and moderate income households.

Our Enterprises

Loiter Marketplace

A physical and online marketplace featuring local foods and products from East Cleveland culinarians, creatives, and farmers. The market establishes a community-owned supply chain and addresses food insecurity.

Loiter Voice & Culture

This dynamic media platform brings the dreams, hidden stories, and realities of black people to life through podcasts, books, news services, art, music, film, and video.

Loiter Sports

Anchored by our racquet sports recreation and entertainment facility, Loiter Sports focuses on holistic health and wellness through recreation. Members receive consultations from culturally relevant trainers, meal planning, and dietitians.

Loiter Farms & Apiaries

A pathway to creating passive income, productive urban farmland, space beautification, and healthy bee habitats for East Clevelanders. Loiter manages the side lot farms so you don’t have to stress- all while beautifying the property with fruit trees, fire pits, and more to increase income and property value.

Loiter Sanctuary Homes

Our collective of resident-owned urban farms are built to develop economic opportunity. These enterprises will be community-owned and afford homeowners the opportunity to earn money off their property.


/ˈloidər/ verb
The freedom to explore without fear, gather together, and reclaim our space.

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