Loiter Voice & Culture

Led by graphic designer and digital content producer Jamal Collins, this media platform will bring the dreams, hidden stories, history, lifeways and realities of East Cleveland’s African-American community to life through gatherings, podcasts, books, news, service, art, music, film and video.

Launched in the summer of 2021, Loitering & Unarmed: Honest Conversations About Change, is a podcast featuring guests from East Cleveland and around the country that are committed to eliminating the various systems of oppression towards marginalized communities. Hosted by Ismail Samad and Jamal Collins, the podcast will focus on core questions about equity and justice and give residents a chance to tell their stories. View our podcast trailer here.

Our aim is to offer emotional reparations for East Clevelanders by highlighting clear pathways to success through city-wide intergenerationally centered businesses, programming, and events.

Each episode will highlight the values associated with the letters found in the acronym

L. – Love
O. – Opportunity
I. – Investment
T. – Transformation
E. – Equity
R. – Reparations/Restitution
!. – Now

Also, in progress is Loiter’s own children’s book⁠—Jamilah: Finding Beauty in East Cleveland. Jamilah is a children’s book that will be written, illustrated, and produced by Loiter Voice & Culture alongside other talented artists supporting our cause. Click here for a preview of the book.

In November 2021, we kicked off our very first speaker event in our new speaker series—Critical Community Conversations-—in partnership with East Cleveland Public Library. This series aims to bring in local and national leaders to engage in honest conversations about the narrative change and intentional investment needed to realize the unseen potential of people in East Cleveland and other marginalized areas. 

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