Loitering & Unarmed podcast

What does it take to change the distorted perception of blackness placed on us by society?
What does it take to insist that to loiter in our own neighborhoods is a natural part of community living.

Loitering is the only crime that you can be arrested for and even lose your life if you’re a black male, for not fitting a particular social construct. 2 East Cleveland provocateurs, Ismail Samad and Jamal Collins created the Loitering & Unarmed podcast as a commitment to narrative control and spatial and economic justice. Through honest, insightful, and unapologetic conversation with fellow social justice advocates, we engage in radical talk to inspire radical results for Ohio’s poorest city.

It is our hope to invite East Cleveland residents and our collective networks to un-arm themselves of their armor of biases and remind the world that black men engaging in provocative conversation either on the street corner or online is not a threat, but a think tank to solve America’s disease of racialized poverty.


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