Help Beautify Our Space!

Help Beautify Our Space! Donate today to show your support for the mural project in collaboration with Mr. Soul and Inspire Your City in phase one of our broader efforts to revitalize and activate our community through art.

Due to systemic redlining, Black communities like East Cleveland have been historically overlooked and divestment has taken place for several years. Before there’s a surge of attention and investment throughout the city, we want to ensure that community members experience high quality art installations that are therapeutic in nature, but that also speak to their justice and inclusion, communicates healthier living through promoting literacy, self-pride and a responsibility in being productive, uplifting members of the neighborhood.

Additionally, through the creative process which includes but is not limited to sketches, color renderings, photo and video imagery, material will have been developed and curated to take advantage of the new technology in Non-Fungible Tokens or, “NFTs”. The NFT space will allow for us to embed future tech value into the development of the mural which will produce these creative assets. These assets will serve as a very important introduction into the world of Cryptocurrency and how it can be utilized as an institution of finance for the city.

Donations will go towards the artist fee, wall prep, paint and supplies, documentation, community engagement/youth workshops centered around the mural installation, and marketing materials required to make this project a success and reinvigorate our city!



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