Loiter Together

What is Loiter Together?

Loiter Together is a consulting collaborative operating out of the Loiter Collective in East Cleveland, Ohio. We bring the lessons of our own real world change strategies to other groups and places.

Loiter Together provides skills, expertise, and technical assistance to folks around the country developing collaborative models for change. Our consulting strategy is emergent, collaborative, relational, and focused on alignment with you and your team. We lead with human connection and value relationships. We are also experts at diving into logistics and making things happen to help you move in the direction you collectively want to go.

How do we loiter?

We do it differently.

We believe that generations of reformative measures have led to widespread collapse in our society’s most precious systems: safety, food production and distribution, housing, education, economy, health and health care.This incremental reform work, paired with savior directorship styles, toxic individualism, and celebrity CEO status adds to the predictable perpetuation of the very thing our society is pushing back against.

Instead, we need to invest in models that rely on our collective potential and shared interests. We must work to create these systems organically from within ourselves and the organizations and communities we represent. Loitering Together through this arduous journey ushers in authentic bonds that transition us collectively off of the transactional life support and allows us to not only dream of emancipation, but actively live it collectively.

We do it unapologetically.

We must re-establish the role consultants and technical assistance providers play in our organically established, purpose-driven organizations. Our communities and organizations have been excluded from critical support and operating below capacity for decades. Packaging investment dollars and grant dollars with cookie cutter frameworks that have been around and hatched out of an economy that celebrates extraction, productivity and unapologetic bottom line results is a disastrous solution. Equity is not a funding trend, it is a moral imperative.

We move at your pace.

Working with you, together, we can create alternative processes, products, and coaching sessions that enable creative disruption, empathetic accountability and deliberate action to move at a pace that is as unique as the organizations we represent, building the world that replaces the one we fervently protest.

We do it together.

As we work with you, we bring together our current and past clients to share successes and failures. Supporting each other’s work and getting real time testimonials from the client vs a pasted testimony on our website goes a long way to fostering an everlasting community of aligned practitioners from a wide array of sectors. This intentional sharing is not an option, it’s where the true magic happens. It’s where we learn to loiter together, as we change the world

Our deep experience in both community development and food system change positions us to dive deep in the following areas.

  • Community engagement planning and facilitation
  • People centered culture development
  • Business model reviews
  • Food system consulting in supply chain retail shared kitchen, menu development, product development

Our team

  • Jamal Collins
  • Ismail Samad
  • Roz Freeman
  • Yusuf Yasseen
  • Alima Samad
  • Wyndi Moore

Current and past projects/clients/collaborations

  • Boston Medical Center- Boston, MA
  • Fresh Future Farm- North Charleston, SC
  • El Departmento De Comida- Puerto Rico
  • Chelsea Collaborative Survival Center- Chelsea, MA
  • Nubian Markets- Boston, MA
  • Lewiston Community Food Center- Lewiston, ME

We are not at this alone. It takes a village! When the project calls for more support and/or expertise, we call on our friends at the following support organizations:


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