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Critical Community Conversations

Artwashing and Displacement

How do we rebuild without ignoring the valuable cultural assets present in our community?

You’re invited to join Loiter in partnership with East Cleveland Public Library (ECPL) for a powerful discussion about art, culture, and how it is used in cultural and physical erasure.

Loiter is about disruption and we want to explore what disruption is needed in the local art community before the predictable deployment of art initiatives convene on the habitually excluded city of East Cleveland.

We have curated a group of aligned creatives, thinkers and doers to engage in this critical conversation and help illuminate opportunities and challenges for the talent that lives and supports our beautiful city.

This is a call to not only call out the legacy of racism by way of artwashing as a tool of gentrification and elimination of our story in the mainstream art world, but also a call to step up with a sense of intentional engagement to design a safe environment for people to co-create and collaborate. Accept the call.

We have centered this conversation around black artists, narrators, creatives and curators that have experienced intentional exclusion from the modern art world, inform development, and beautify our communities.

You can expect to dive deeper into understanding what is radical disruption as well as creating solidarity through belonging, inclusion, cultural connection and narrative control. The possibilities in East Cleveland are unparalleled in NEO due to our Ground Zero Reality.

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Critical Community Conversations Registration

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